To our valued clients and friends,

We just wanted to send a short note to our MV community to let you all know that we are open for business.  Obviously we can’t say ‘business as usual’ because the current economic climate and level of regulatory uncertainty is definitely not usual.  But we can say that we continue to support our clients with exceptional service, the MV way.

Our physical office remains open but we, like the rest of the nation, are closely monitoring advice from our territory and federal governments.  If working from home becomes a necessity for our staff, they have the connectivity and remote access they need.  Thanks to some clever planning in the past, MV’s systems and files are almost entirely ‘virtual’ and we work in the cloud.

Ensuring our community remains safe and healthy is our main priority, so we’ve made some temporary some changes in the way we work, including:

  • We will ask that you meet with us by telephone or videoconference where possible.
  • Our usual hectic schedule of events and seminars has been scaled back – just for now.
  • Almost all our court appearances are now done by video-link or telephone.
  • When any of us display any symptoms of respiratory illness or fever, we will stay away from the office and work from home (but you’ll be unlikely to notice).
  • When any of us have travelled overseas, we will self-isolate for a period of 14 days (again, you may not notice). Ditto, if any of us have come into contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19.  If risk of exposure has occurred and symptoms develop, we will undergo testing as per the government guidelines.
  • If you do need to visit our offices for whatever reason, you will notice hand sanitiser stations in the building foyer, at reception, and in our communal spaces. And we have ramped up our office cleaning regime to ensure tables, desks and other surfaces are wiped down with disinfectant regularly.

We welcome any questions you may have about the steps we are taking.

We are also ready, willing and able to provide advice on the legal steps available to help you and your business adapt to the changes in the economy and mitigate the impact.  Just get in touch with us in the usual way.