For me, working at MV is like having a second family. From day one the friendships I have with the staff and the support provided, have meant that my loyalty to MV runs very deep and I am proud to say I work here.

The people and culture of MV make coming to work each day a joy. You are recognised for the work that you put in, and your career’s professional development is strongly encouraged and managed.

Outside of legal work, there is a lot of things that you can get involved at in MV from work social events, pro bono work, working within the community and supporting our chosen charities, networking with industry groups to representing the firm in various sporting events and local Canberra events. One of my favourite parts of working at MV is the strong emphasis that the firm has on ensuring staff have a good work life balance and looking after the physical and mental health of their staff.

A lot of friends always ask me “Why don’t you move to a national firm?” and my answer is always “why would I move from a firm that has the balance of exactly what you want in a career; challenging and interesting work, friendly people, great location and resources, career and leadership opportunities, work life balance, community engagement and a fantastic culture of equality and integrity”.