Robert Starke, a respected commercial lawyer and the coach of the CBR Brave ice hockey team, has joined MV Law as a partner.

With a decade of legal experience, Rob will head up the firm’s corporate and commercial law practice, and manage the wills and estates and government law teams. He will also lead a new division dedicated to sports law, assisting Canberra’s thriving sporting community and a growing number of professional athletes with sports-related legal matters.

Rob comes to us from a diverse commercial law background, having worked in top and mid-tier firms, boutique practices, as a contractor to the government, and as an in-house lawyer in the private sector.

Previously from Canada, Rob moved to Australia in 2004 to play in the Australian Ice Hockey League. He studied and practiced law in Newcastle and Sydney, and then moved to Canberra in 2017. Keen to use his ice hockey skills to new advantage, Rob took over coaching the CBR Brave ice hockey team in 2017 – guiding them to their first championship win in only his second season at the helm.

Deciding to settle in Canberra permanently with his wife and two boys, Rob’s expertise in commercial and corporate law is an exciting win for MV Law.

“I officially started with the firm in early December, and have spent the past couple of weeks meeting new clients and getting across the work at hand in the lead up to Christmas,” says Rob.

“The opportunity to join the firm has come at a perfect time for me personally, and I feel that MV Law ticks all the right boxes for my career – it’s Canberra’s largest independent law firm, attracts quality clients and values work-life balance.”

Of coaching the CBR Brave and leading them to winning the 2018 national championship, Rob says it was a terrific end to a dream season.

“My ice hockey skates have been my vehicle in life, and have helped me pursue great opportunities. All sports teach life skills that are directly transferable to the legal profession and business world. In coaching, I believe in instilling a high level of accountability, work ethic, healthy competition, and strong team culture. And it’s those same values I apply to running a legal practice.”

Rob says that he is enjoying integrating into the Canberra business community and community at large, and looks forward to working with the close-knit team at MV Law.

“In the business space, my approach is getting to know organisations and helping business owners with a variety of expertise, such as contract law and business advisory. In the personal space, I will be working with people regarding matters of power of attorney, guardianship, trusts, wills and estates.

“Having worked with government, I also have a strong understanding of government needs, so I’m excited to work with the government law team providing secondees and legal advice to the Commonwealth.”

To speak with Rob about a legal matter, please call (02) 6279 4444 or contact us.