Government Projects

Government projects are subject to a higher level of scrutiny, both within government and in the public sphere. That’s why you need a property legal team with extensive experience in ensuring that your high value government project is protected from overspending and delays and delivers on agreed objectives.

We deliver government project legal advice and services for a broad range of public sector organisations, including local government authorities, statutory corporations and government owned corporations.

Through timely, accurate and highly strategic legal advice, we have overseen the legal administration of government projects from beginning to end with highly successful outcomes.

The MV difference

Because of the complex and critical nature of government projects, our expert legal team are able to provide advice on innovative contracting methods such as Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) and PPP contracts to ensure the successful delivery of a project to the community.

Government projects are under increasing scrutiny and are becoming more complex in terms of not only scale but also balancing environmental and community concerns. From covering community expectations such as timeliness, noise and pollution to carefully crafted protections written into contracts for overspending and delays, our legal team has the experience and industry knowledge to manage and minimise risks.

Projects that take place in the community must meet community expectations with respect to the end use. Our experienced government projects legal team provides commercially sound legal advice to that not only manages risk amongst all stakeholders and throughout the life of the project but assists the project principal in delivering highly successful outcomes.

Empower your vision with advice and services from our award-winning building and construction law team.

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