Whatever your business, you will inevitably be involved with a number of contracts, ranging from those with your customers and employees to agreements with suppliers and financiers.

A well drafted contract appropriately allocates risk and makes the obligations of each party clear. But there is an increasing body of contract regulation that could affect your rights in certain circumstances, so it’s important to get the right legal advice to ensure you are protected.

At MV Law, our experienced contract lawyers understand that every situation is different. We work closely with you on all of your contracting needs to help you achieve your objectives, while minimising your risk.

Our team can advise on all aspects of contracts, deeds, MoUs and contract management, including issues such as delay claims, extension of time requests, variations, defects rectification, completion processes, insolvency issues and statutory claims under the security of payment legislation.

We have a commercial approach to drafting and negotiating contracts which allows us to get the best result for you.

When contract disputes do occur we frequently resolve them at an early stage through negotiation. If litigation or more formal alternative dispute resolution processes are required, we act decisively while minimising disruption to the project, so you get a favourable outcome, sooner.

The MV difference

At MV Law, our expert team of contract lawyers have decade experience working with a wide range of businesses and industries. In the commercial team, contracts are our bread and butter. We deal with, review, draft and negotiate all sorts of contracts on a daily basis for public and private entities both small and large. We can help you get the agreement you need to take your business forward.

Our contract lawyers can assist with:

  • standard form agreements such as your terms and conditions
  • supply and services agreements, standing offers and master agreements
  • electronic transactions
  • employment contracts
  • cloud computing contracts
  • confidentiality deeds
  • construction contracts
  • preparing or reviewing tender documentation
  • preparing contracts for sale or the transfer of ownership
  • advising on loan documents and liaising with financiers as well as any secured parties
  • drafting agreements for the operation of your business structure, such as shareholder or unit-holder agreements
  • leases and licences
  • franchise agreements
  • advising on the interpretation of your existing contracts.

Be empowered with expert guidance and advice from our award-winning business law team.

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