Corporate Insolvency

Our experienced insolvency law team can help you navigate through all the legal issues in relation to the winding up of companies in insolvency, whether the winding up be voluntary or involuntary. Our extensive experience includes working with creditors, debtor companies, directors of debtor companies and insolvency practitioners. 

If you are a creditor owed a debt by a company, we can guide you through the relevant considerations and strategies to recover the debt using the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth), for example issuing a Creditors Statutory Demand.

If you are a director of a debtor company that has been served with a Statutory Demand, we can advise you about the company’s options to deal with the Demand, including making an application to a court to have the Demand set aside.  We can also advise you about voluntarily putting the company under external administration.

If winding up proceedings have already commenced against your company, we can advise you about the company’s options to deal with the winding up application, including making an application to a court to have the winding up application dismissed.

If you are an insolvency practitioner, we can act to protect your rights and help you meet your obligations arising under corporations law and relevant codes of conduct, and assist you recover assets to the insolvent company for distribution to creditors.

The MV difference

In every case we take the time to properly understand the facts, evidence and surrounding circumstances of your situation. We will consider your legal position based on the current state of relevant law, and determine the best strategy to protect your interests. Our clients appreciate our frank and fearless advice about the strength of their legal position, or the likely outcome of the dispute, along with full disclosure of all legal costs to ensure a properly informed decision.

We work for creditors, debtors, directors and insolvency practitioners, and have a thorough knowledge of each party’s powers, duties and entitlements. And because we have strong and deep connections with local insolvency practitioners, we’re able to have candid and productive discussions to resolve issues and achieve optimal outcomes for all parties.

We are committed to protecting both your legal and non-legal interests to ensure that you’re in a better place than when you started. Our extensive network of connections gives us the advantage of being able to collaborate with relevant parties to determine and implement the best strategy to protect your interests, ensure all rights and obligations are recognised, and resolve any dispute.

Because we love what we do, this translates to an impressive track record and a commitment to protecting your best interests. We deliver advice in plain English about your legal position, with clear options for the next steps and our recommendations are tailored to your unique situation and based on our commercial expertise.

Be empowered to move forward with advice and services from our award-winning disputes law team.

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