Insurance Disputes

You have insurance so you are protected, right?

Unfortunately, in many cases the insurance policy is ambiguously drafted, or the policy you thought you had, is not in fact what you have been sold, and a claim for loss you thought you were covered for is denied. Or maybe your insurer has determined that the coverage is something less than the losses you have actually sustained.

We have helped numerous clients—both corporate and individual—negotiate with their insurers to resolve claims and recover their losses. In cases where the insurer has been intractable, we have assisted our clients to pursue a well-articulated and properly evidenced complaint through the insurer’s internal complaint resolution process, and/or through the Australian Financial Complaints Authority. If litigation is ultimately required, we are there for that too.

The MV difference

We are experienced in advising on insurance policies, and can give you straightforward advice about how the policy would ultimately be interpreted by a court.

We have also had many years’ of experience in dealing with insurance lawyers, and we know the pressure points that will likely motivate an insurer to settle and the level of evidence you will need to amass to properly support your claim.

We work collaboratively with your broker, who understands your business and has the relationship with your insurer, and we will always first attempt to leverage off those relationships to prompt an early settlement with as little cost as possible.

Our team of litigators are adept at quickly assessing not only the strength of your claim but also the likelihood of a swift recovery and the expected costs involved.

We will provide straightforward and upfront advice about balancing the costs with the expected outcomes.

We will make sure the path to recovery of your money is as simple and quick as possible.

Be empowered to move forward with advice and services from our award-winning disputes law team.

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