Town Planning Disputes

The way a property, precinct, or suburb is developed will shape the community for decades into the future.

Whether you are a developer trying to get your next project out of the ground, or a land owner or advocacy organisation wanting to minimise the impact of a planned development, our team of property litigators can help you grapple with the planning decisions made and understand and progress your rights of appeal.

We have an incredible track record of success in proceedings challenging government decisions relating to development approvals. Even better is the team’s history of resolving matters at an early mediation, allowing the development to proceed in a form that is acceptable to our client without the costs and significant delays involved in proceeding to hearing.

Planning instruments are technical and understanding the history of their development, and the way they have been applied in the past, can be crucial to knowing whether a proposal is sustainable or not. Our lawyers have decades of experience in town planning disputes and are fluent in the technical language used in the statutory planning regime.

We also have deep relationships with the best local property industry advisers, and will pull together the most compelling team of experts for your particular matter.

We also work hard to keep our knowledge current by partnering with the Planning Institute of Australia to offer continuing professional development sessions to local town planners, including our annual ‘Year in Review’ seminar which analyses and contextualises the prior year’s planning cases.

The MV difference

You have put considerable energy into the project by the time it reaches us, and we don’t want to reinvent the wheel. We have also worked with many of the major players in the region and have good existing working relationships. If, however, we think further or different expertise is required, we will tell you up front.

Knowing the planning instruments, the law and the Tribunal or Court and actively engaging with industry bodies to anticipate changes that may be just around the corner.

Aside from having access to MV Law’s best team of litigation lawyers, we have built up an extensive network of barristers and other experts that we can draw on, to maximise the chances of success at a hearing.

Our experience also means that our costs estimates are accurate and we can confidently identify the areas of least risk if cost cutting needs to occur.

Through many years and successful outcomes managing town planning disputes, we’re able to get creative with possible solutions and draw on our extensive network of property experts.

We want to maximise the chances of an early resolution at mediation, and often that means thinking outside the box, as well as having an in-depth understanding of the local players and how they are likely to react to a settlement proposal.

Be empowered to move forward with advice and services from our award-winning disputes law team.

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