Employment Disputes

At MV Law our employment dispute lawyers have extensive experience with alternative dispute resolution and employment litigation.

We work with clients to develop strategies to resolve their employment and workplace issues as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible, and preferably without the need to resort to expensive and protracted litigation. This may involve negotiating with those with whom you are in dispute, or their representatives, or supporting you through alternative dispute resolution in the form of mediation or conciliation.

However, if litigation is commenced, we have the skills and abilities to support you through that process, again with the aim of resolving the matter on the best terms possible. We also have the relevant experience, having represented a range of matters in a number of jurisdictions.

The MV difference

Our lawyers have extensive and relevant experience representing a range of matters including:

  • unfair dismissal applications
  • general protections applications
  • discrimination complaints
  • applications for orders to stop bullying
  • underpayment claims
  • breach of contract claims (including reasonable notice claims), and
  • matters relating to the interpretation of modern awards and enterprise agreements

The experienced MV Law Employment Dispute Lawyers have an impressive track record of negotiating successful outcomes.

We know Canberra’s courts and tribunals like no other law firm and our litigators are adept advocates and well accustomed to appearing before our local Judges, Magistrates and Tribunal Members and across a number of jurisdictions including:

  • the Federal Court of Australia
  • the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia
  • the Supreme Court of NSW
  • the County Court of Victoria
  • the Fair Work Commission
  • the NSW Industrial Relations Commission
  • the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission, and
  • the Australian Human Rights Commission

Be empowered with workplace and employment solutions from our expert team.

Canberra's team of employment dispute lawyers

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