Employee Conduct

How your employees conduct themselves and how your business manages conduct issues can have a significant impact on the reputation and success of your business, and on your relationship with your employees. This is the case in relation to employees’ conduct both inside and outside of work hours (where the out of hours conduct has a relevant connection to the workplace).

The developing case law and community standards reflect an expectation that businesses will be proactive in identifying what is inappropriate behaviour in the workplace, especially unlawful behaviour (for example, discrimination and harassment) and take action when allegations of such behaviour are reported.

We provide advice to help you ensure the standards of conduct that you expect of employees are clear, effectively communicated and properly enforced, and that the behaviours expected of employees are applied consistently and modelled at every level of your business.

The MV difference

Our highly experienced lawyers can help you document your business’ policies about how workers should conduct themselves. Not only do policies clearly set out your expectations, but they can also protect your business from liability for unfair dismissal, general protections, work health and safety, sexual harassment and discrimination.

Policies you should consider adopting include:

At MV Law, we can help you with responding to critical incidents of employee misconduct and managing communications with the relevant authorities should the alleged misconduct involve potential criminal activity.

From handling allegations of misconduct, including investigating allegations, or taking disciplinary action (including termination of employment), we have the extensive legal knowledge and skills required to navigate this complex area.

Prevention is the best strategy when it comes to employee conduct and our experienced employment and industrial relations lawyers can help you with:

  • developing policies that help regulate employee conduct (including codes of conduct), and which provide guidance on reporting and handling of allegations of misconduct
  • training for employees and managers in acceptable workplace behaviour

As well as advising on a case-by-case basis, what we really love is getting to know our clients well. By allowing us to develop an ongoing relationship with you, we can become an extremely cost-effective resource.

Once we understand your business, we work with you as your HR partner, and many of your questions or issues can be solved on-the-spot in a short phone call or single meeting with our experienced employment lawyers.

Be empowered with workplace and employment solutions from our expert team.

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