Employment Framework

Establishing an employment framework tailored to your particular needs is critical to your business success.

It should include your industrial strategy and the instruments that you choose to regulate your employment relationships such as contracts of employment or enterprise agreements. It also needs to incorporate the policies and procedures that help govern each aspect of the employment relationship from recruitment and selection, through to conduct and performance and, where necessary, termination of employment.

This is no easy task and requires a holistic understanding of your business’ strategic objectives and expert knowledge of the relevant workplace laws and complex web of employment regulation in Australia.

At MV law, our lawyers have years of experience working with private and public sector clients across a range of industries, and can work with you to develop an employment framework that complies with all relevant workplace laws and sets a foundation for your business success.

We can also provide you with ongoing, cost-effective assistance in implementing your employment framework, based on the invaluable knowledge about your business gained from our working together in developing those frameworks.

The MV difference

No matter the size of your business or the industry in which you work, our experienced legal team take the time to fully understand your business.

With an expert understanding of the complex web of employment regulation in Australia, we can then work with you to develop an employment framework that is tailored to your business’ needs, applies best practice and that complies with all relevant workplace laws.

MV Law can help you with all aspects of your employment framework, including:

With extensive experience working across a huge range of industry sectors for both private and public sector clients, we have become Canberra’s go-to law experts for helping businesses and organisations develop a foundation for their ongoing success.

Be empowered with workplace and employment solutions from our expert team.

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