Enterprise Agreements

An enterprise agreement is a collective agreement negotiated between an employer and employees. Enterprise bargaining is the process of negotiating that agreement and despite being a key element of the Australian employment and workplace relations system, is also one of the hardest to navigate successfully.

The enterprise bargaining process is highly regulated, and employers must comply with these regulations before an enterprise agreement will be approved by the Fair Work Commission.

If you are an employer who is bargaining for an enterprise agreement, or who is thinking about bargaining for an enterprise agreement, our expert workplace relations team can provide advice about the enterprise bargaining process and how having an enterprise agreement might affect your business.

We can also help you with any disputes that may be notified under your enterprise agreement once it has been approved and is operational.


The MV difference

MV Law’s experienced team can help you with all aspects of enterprise bargaining including:

  • understanding the enterprise bargaining process, including your good faith bargaining obligations
  • developing your bargaining strategy
  • drafting an enterprise agreement
  • assessing your enterprise agreement for the purposes of the Better Off Overall Test
  • the process for having the enterprise agreement approved by employees
  • the Fair Work Commission approval process (including drafting the relevant forms)
  • responding to good faith bargaining disputes
  • responding to threatened or actual industrial action (including applications for protected action ballot orders)

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Be empowered with workplace and employment solutions from our expert team.

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