Whether you’re buying or selling, a contract is the most important document for any property transaction. But not all contracts are created equal, and even the tiniest error can have a huge impact, which could cost you time and money in the long run, or could possibly even mean losing your sale or purchase.

At MV Law, our team has extensive experience with property contracts, no matter how complex, with clients ranging from foreign nations down to small enterprises. And we don’t just cover contracts, but can also help you with every aspect of property transactions, from stamp duty to tax implications and conveyancing.

The MV difference

If you’re looking to buy, from the outset we provide advice and guidance on what you need to buy a property, and how to make sure your interests are protected through adequate due diligence. We can also help you understand your risks and obligations if you wish to withdraw from a contract after the cooling off period.

If you’re selling, it’s imperative that you’re clear about what the buyer is getting from the outset, to avoid them terminating the contract down the track.

We can create a contract that includes all of the necessary details, like any covenants, leases, tenants, easements, conditions of sale, recent building works or renovations, or other encumbrances.

If you’re selling a unit, this may also include a Body Corporate Disclosure Statement. We can also advise on issues relevant to your sale, including any tax implications.

Be empowered through property with advice and services from our award-winning property law team.

Conveyancing and Property Team in Canberra

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