State and Territory Taxes

Whether you’re buying land or employing staff for your business, you need to make sure you understand your responsibilities when it comes to state and territory taxes.

State and Territory Revenue Commissioners are increasingly focused on compliance when it comes to local taxing laws and collecting the maximum amount of revenue for local governments to deliver services. They have broad powers to access taxpayer records, can impose steep penalties for incorrect amounts of tax paid, and routinely engage in litigation with taxpayers about assessments of tax and penalty payable, so you want to make sure you have the right legal advice.

At MV Law, we have extensive experience in dealing with state and territory taxes such as payroll tax, land tax and stamp duty. Our experienced lawyers can guide you through the complexities of local tax law to explain when and how a transaction will attract local tax, and help you deal with any investigation by or litigation against a local Revenue Office about the amount of tax properly payable.

We take the time to properly understand the facts, evidence and surrounding circumstances of your situation, and deliver advice and recommendations in plain English. Where necessary, we can also liaise and negotiate on your behalf with compliance officers from the local Revenue Office.

The MV difference

As Canberra’s trusted state tax and territory tax lawyers, we have built a reputation for our passion, commitment and collaborative approach to your legal state and territory tax needs.

Our expert state tax lawyers and territory tax lawyers provide comprehensive state tax law services. We consider your legal position and determine the best strategy to protect your interests, including whether an alternate structure or situation may exist. We can also:

  • Deliver advice in plain-English about your legal position, options for the next steps and our recommendations tailored to your situation and based on our expertise.
  • Liaise and negotiate on your behalf with compliance officers from the local Revenue Office investigating your affairs.
  • Prepare payroll tax degrouping applications.
  • Prepare objections to notices of assessment of tax and penalties.
  • Prepare and run litigation for you challenging an objection decision about a notice of assessment.
  • Prepare and help you execute documents recording and giving effect to settlement reached with the local Revenue Office or court orders.

When you work with MV Law, you can be confident that you’re getting the best state and territory tax law services for your particular needs.

Be empowered through property with advice and services from our award-winning property law team.

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