Deceased Estate

Have you been appointed as an executor of a will? An executor is the person who is in charge of administering a deceased estate. In most cases, an executor will be a spouse or partner, an adult child, another family member or a trusted friend.

It’s a position that comes with a wide range of roles and responsibilities. Amongst other jobs, you are responsible for managing and protecting any assets, notifying institutions of the death, maintaining accurate records, paying bills, organising tax returns, and dealing with any claims against the estate. Then there’s the process of applying for a Grant of Probate, and distributing the estate.

At MV Law, our expert executor advice and wills and estate lawyers can give you detailed advice about your duties and responsibilities as an executor of a will and can help you perform your role, as well as protecting you from any liability.

If you have been appointed executor but don’t wish to fulfil the role, our team can also advise you on your rights and the process around renouncing your appointment.

The MV difference

At MV Law, our experienced team is here to help you perform your role as an executor of a will, including:

  • applications for ACT Supreme Court and NSW Supreme Court grants of Probate or Letters of Administration, if required.
  • advice about invalid wills or when a will can’t be effective for the whole estate.
  • advice about intestate estates where there is no will.
  • advice to Executors about their role and duties.
  • advice to Beneficiaries about their rights.
  • collection and distribution of estate assets.
  • working with accountants and financial advisers, if required.

If you’re the executor of a will, our experienced and specialised estate lawyers provide a comprehensive service that covers every aspect of estate law. Whether you’re navigating your role as executor of a Will, protecting assets from a dispute or wanting to renounce your appointment as executor, we have the knowledge and experience to guide you every step of the way.

We understand that managing deceased estates can be a difficult and stressful process. That’s why our supportive team works alongside you, ensuring you feel completely at ease from start to finish, whilst providing practical, plain-English advice and disclosing all legal costs up-front.

If you want to be empowered over the legacy you leave, talk to the MVLaw Wills and Estates team now.

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