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It may be confronting to think about, but making a will is important, and without one in place, you don’t have any say about how your estate is distributed upon the event of your death.

Our team has seen first-hand the devastating effects that a lack of well-advised estate planning can have on the loved ones left behind: from wills that were never made, to plans that weren’t updated to reflect changing circumstances, or the results of DIY will kits that proved legally inadmissible.

A DIY will kit may seem attractive because of the low price tag, but they are often completed incorrectly and tend to lack detail, meaning that upon your death there may be ambiguity surrounding who receives what from your estate. If a will is not signed and witnessed with the correct legal requirements, it will be invalid and could end up costing your estate substantially more money than it would have if you’d prepared a clear, comprehensive and legally valid will.

When you make a will through one of our highly experienced solicitors, we can ensure your testamentary wishes are properly drafted and your estate planning documents meet the required formalities, ultimately saving your family time, money and heartache.

The MV difference

Our expert team consider every aspect of your current circumstances and financial situation, to ensure that every aspect of your legacy is covered.

This includes looking at your assets and superannuation and any liabilities, your beneficiaries (the people you wish to benefit from your estate), appointing an executor (who will administer your estate and carry out instructions), any specific gifts or instructions you might wish to make, appointing guardians for your children, joint ownership of assets, organ donation and funeral arrangements.

We can assist you with standard wills and also testamentary trust wills, which offer asset protection and potential tax advantages. Testamentary trust wills can be suitable for vulnerable beneficiaries and protecting inheritances on relationship breakdown, or upon bankruptcy. We can also assist with special disability trust wills, which are designed for beneficiaries who have a severe disability.

As Canberra’s trusted will lawyers, we have built a reputation for our passion, commitment and collaborative approach to your wills and estate planning needs and pride ourselves on receiving regular referrals from financial advisors, accountants, other laws and, most importantly, existing clients.

At MV Law, our highly experienced and knowledgeable team ensures creating your will is a relaxed and straightforward process. We understand this is something people put off and some people can find it to be an upsetting task, so our supportive team will help you feel completely at ease from start to finish.

We will talk you through everything in plain-English, and disclose all legal costs up-front. Whether you require a ‘simple’ will and power of attorney or a suite of documents for your complex estate succession planning needs, our extensive knowledge and experience ensures that your objectives are met.

Working in collaboration with you and, where appropriate, your trusted financial and tax advisors, we take a holistic and tailored approach that considers every aspect of your current circumstances to ensure that your estate planning objectives are fully achieved.

If you want to be empowered over the legacy you leave, talk to the MVLaw team now.

MV law team - make a will with us

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