Debt Recovery

Debt recovery needs to be efficient.  No-one wants to throw good money after bad.

We have streamlined and automated processes for taking decisive, cost-effective action against your debtors. And because our debt recovery service is performed within a larger litigation team with a breadth of experience, if a simple recovery matter takes a complex turn, we have the capacity to deal with it seamlessly without the need to brief a new team.

The MV difference

Our team of litigators are adept at quickly assessing not only the strength of your claim but also the likelihood of a swift recovery and the expected costs involved. We will provide straightforward and upfront advice about balancing the costs with the expected outcomes.

We also know our local courts and tribunals like no-one else, as well as having extensive experience in the NSW and Commonwealth court systems. We will make sure the path to recovery of your money is as simple and quick as possible.

Be empowered to move forward with advice and services from our award-winning disputes law team.

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