Employee Entitlements

Understanding your employment rights and entitlements can be overwhelming. In Australia, there are many sources of an employee’s rights and entitlements, including employment contracts, the National Employment Standards, and applicable modern awards or enterprise agreements.

Employees also have various protections under Australian law for matters such as unfair dismissal, their workplace rights, and from discrimination, harassment and bullying in the workplace.

That’s why, if you have any questions about your rights and entitlements, or believe that your employment rights or entitlements have been infringed in any way, you should seek legal advice.

With extensive experience advising employers and employees in employment law and workplace relations matters, we have a unique insight into the perspective of each party, and how they may respond to certain issues. This helps us to develop cost-effective strategies for resolving or dealing with your employment or workplace relations matter.

We work in collaboration with you to develop effective strategies to help you in protecting your rights and entitlements where they may have been infringed. And because we know this can be a difficult process, we provide support and empathy every step of the way.

The MV difference

Our employment team are specialists in their field and passionate about helping people safeguard their rights. We know Canberra inside out, and have years of experience dealing with employment issues arising out of the ACT’s big employers: Commonwealth and ACT government, national institutions, foreign embassies, our education institutions and hospitals, and our thriving property and construction industry.

We frequently represent individuals in the Fair Work Commission, Human Rights Commission and Federal Courts on a range of matters including termination of employment (including adverse action, unfair dismissal and redundancy), Award and contract entitlements, and discrimination or sexual harassment. If you find yourself the subject of performance management or a code of conduct investigation, we can support you through the process and make sure your responses to your employer best protect your interests.

We also love helping people who are not in a dispute but who just want some assistance negotiating the terms of their new employment contract, or wrapping up a working relationship with the minimum of fuss.

If you’ve been bullied, harassed or discriminated against in the workplace, MV Law’s leading team of discrimination lawyers can help you pursue your rights and entitlements; whether it’s a case of unfair dismissal, code of conduct investigation, employee entitlement or other form of discrimination.

As experts in employment law, our highly experienced and knowledgeable lawyers will guide you through the multiple workplace legislative pathways to achieve an outcome that protects you, your income and your reputation.

At MV Law, we can help you with understanding your rights and entitlements in your employment, including in relation to terms and conditions of your employment. We can help with claims such as unfair dismissal or discrimination claims.

We can also help you navigate and understand your rights in relation to complex employment matters, including responding to allegations of misconduct (including allegations of breach of the APS Code of Conduct) or performance management processes.


Be empowered with workplace and employment solutions from our expert team.

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